Meet me in the Field, 2014

In collaboration with Claire Tracey
Recycled plastic bottles, pipe and solar powered LEDs on the Erskine River, Lorne
30 x 500 x 500cm overall
Exhibition: Lorne Sculpture Biennale (Sculpture Trail), Victoria 2014
Electrical Design: Benjamin Brown
Photography: Asher-Lily Green and Joanna Buckley
Plastic bottles donated by SKM recycling and the Lorne community
Exhibition catalogue

Ghostly and illuminated, Meet me in the Field uses recycled plastic bottles as symbols of common cultural experience. They stand as totem-like pins of artificial light amongst the stars that reflect in the mirror still surface of the Erskine River. The work is a contemplation on the interconnected relationships of viewer and broader context; implicating nature, culture, light, form, self and environment.